Land Administration Managers

Land Management may be described as the process of managing the use and development of land resources in a sustainable way. It can therefore be correctly said that a land management surveyor is the most appropriate professional in handling all the development proposals and applications on behalf of property owners.

A Land Management Surveyor is a professionally trained person to perform the functions mentioned above with a degree in Land Economics and is a member of ISK. The background of Land Economics equips such a person with a wide range of knowledge on issues related to the management and administration of the landed property which includes land laws, surveying and valuation and general economics. Such a professional is therefore conversant with the whole development schemes to completion and subsequent disposal of the property.
The diploma held by Land Management Surveyors from ISK further equips such a person with better ways of handling the process of land administration with a view to achieving optimum returns from such land.

The mission of a land management surveyor is one of “ensuring effective and efficient management and custody of land resources in the country and provide technical and professional services to property with a view to getting maximum returns”.
Land management Surveyors are found in the public and private sector.


Ms. Priscillah Nyaga – Chairperson
Ms. Janet Aluoch – Secretary