Estate Agency

An estate agent is a person or business that arranges the selling, renting, or management of properties and other buildings.


  1. Letting and selling; (Various assets-Land, buildings, machinery, equipment, businesses)
  2. Preparation of Real Estate market surveys;
  3. Preparation of Feasibility Studies for real estate;
  4. Site acquisitions;
  5. Conveyancing (This includes preparation and presentation of land transfer documents for registration, facilitating payments of the relevant taxes, facilitating issuance of consents etc);
  6. Facilitating land registration.
  7. Liquidation and bankruptcy.

Full Membership

  • One year practical experience under a full member of the chapter;
  • Passed such examination approved by the council;

Graduate Membership

  • Degree in Real Estate or its equivalent from a recognized University (B Real estate B Land management, Property Management, B Land Economics;
  • Degree in Land Surveying;

Technical Membership

  • Diploma or certificate in real estate or real related discipline;
  • Three years practical experience under a full member of the chapter and recommended by the principal for admission;

Student membership

  • A student undergoing training for a real estate related degree course approved by the council;