Building Surveyors

 A building surveyor is the professional with the necessary academic and technical expertise that enables one to implement property management needs and stated below:

  • Registration and categorization of buildings.
  • Surveying the structures and conditions of buildings to establish defects and prescribe appropriate remedial measures.
  • Preparation of sketch plans, specifications and estimates of building renovations and maintenance works,
  • Implementation of such works.
  • Preparation of inspection reports on structural, sanitary and decorative condition of buildings.
  • Planning and execution of necessary works to improve on building conditions.
  • Giving expert advice and evidence with regard to building law and arbitration in building maintenance contracts and lease agreement disputes.
  • Housing estate administration including overseeing allocation of space and letting.
  • Preparation and renewal of leases.
  • Rent collection/payment.
  • Boarding and condemnation of structural or economically obsolete buildings.
  • Compilation and updating of building inventory and maintenance manual.
Mr. Michael Mburu- Chairperson
Mr. Stephen Matete- Secretary