Geospatial Information Management Surveyors (GIS)

Members of the GIS Chapter have specialized training and experience in the field of geospatial information including but not limited to Geospatial Information System, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry. The professionals within the Chapter have vast knowledge and skills in the techniques for spatial data acquisition, processing, manipulation, analysis, modeling and dissemination which results in data and information that can be visualized in various forms and used to support decisions for problems that are location related.  The mission of the chapter includes:

  • Increasing awareness about successful spatial information management approaches and achievements by showing good practice like availability, reliability, efficiency and accessibility of spatial information for better decision making and processes;
  •  Supporting the use of spatial information and spatial information management tools by surveyors and by all participants in decision-making to serve the goals of good governance;
  • Sharing good practice on managerial processes and infrastructure required for data handling, using information and distributing knowledge;
  • Sharing good practice and develop high-level methods and techniques for merging and managing updated spatial information at various levels according to market requirements;
  • Encouraging the use of spatial information within e-government and e-commerce; and
  • Establishing and maintaining data and data-quality-standards relevant to spatial information management.
Dr. Collins Mwange- Chairman
Mr.Solomon Gitau – Secretary