Council Committees

ISK is headed by a Council which is responsible for the overall implementation of decisions of the General Assembly, oversight of the other organs of the Institution and the general management of the affairs of the Institution in between the meetings of the General Assembly and may give directions to the Council Committees and the Secretariat of the Institution as to the manner in which they shall perform their functions.

The Council has the following Standing Committees

The Executive Committee

responsible for:

  • The management of the Institution in between the meetings of the Council
  • The immediate supervision of the Secretariat in the latter’s day-to-day performance of the functions of the Institution

The Professional Practice and Ethics Committee

responsible for:
  • Setting standards for, and discipline of, the members of the Institution
  • Addressing complaints raised against any member or the Institution touching on professional performance
  • Writing articles on any issue it feels members need to be advised, educated or cautioned on
  • Arranging professional talks or debates

The Education Foundation and Research Committee

Responsible for:

  • Ensuring that members are kept up-to-date on issues of relevance to them and on their roles within the Institution and organizing seminars, luncheons, dinners and other relevant activities for members
  • Organizing courses for continuing professional development
  • Out-reach or public awareness
  • Development of the Institution’s training institute
  • Monitoring the operations of the Institution’s training institution
  • Recommending modalities for examinations
  • Recommending grant of awards or any other recognition by the Institution

The Editorial and Public Relations Committee

responsible for:
  • Publications of the Institution
  • Speaking on behalf of the Institution on matters of public or professional interest
  • Advocacy and lobbying through any appropriate channel
  • Mobilizing members for participation in the Institution’s programmes and activities
  • Enhancement of local, regional and international linkages
  • Liaison with the government and other stakeholders

The Finance and Audit Committee

responsible for:

  • Establishing control measures to guide the use of the Institution’s resources and ensuring that such controls are adhered to
  • Ensuring that procurement is done in line with procurement guidelines and sound procurement practice
  • Conducting internal audit of the Institution
  • Ensuring external audit of the Institution

The Human Resource Committee

responsible for:

  • All matters relating to the welfare of the staff of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya.
  • Advising the council on matters touching on staff  and staffing of the secretariat

The Young Surveyors Committee

  • The Committee handles young surveyors’ issues including vocational attachments, terms of employment and the general social welfare. It acts as a link between the Council and the learning institutions.