Property Management

Property manager means a person, a firm, or a company who, on behalf of the owner of any land, building, and any interest therein, manages and controls such land, building, and interest to maintain or increase the investment in, or physical worth of such property for a fee.


  1. Tenants’ placement and management
  2. Collection of rental amounts
  3. maintaining the property and upkeep of the grounds
  4. Lease and accounting management
  5. Management of human resource
  6. Procurement of goods and services
  7. Ensure statutory/legal compliance purposes e.g. Filing of property taxes
  8. Investment appraisals

Graduate Membership

  • Degree in Real Estate or its equivalent from a recognized

Full Membership

  • Two years of practical experience in property management under a full member of the chapter;
  • Passed such examination approved by the council;

Technical Membership

  • Diploma or certificate in real estate or real-related discipline;
  • Two years of practical experience under a full member of the chapter and recommended by the principal for admission;

Student membership

  • A student undergoing training for a real estate-related degree course approved by the council;


  • Preserve of the council.


Mr.Joel Simiyu – Chairperson

Sharon Agunda – Secretary