Benefits of Joining ISK


  1. Recognized Professional Certification: Professional certification recognized by Government, Regulatory Boards, business community, employers, other professional organizations, local and international agencies.
  2. Continuous Professional Development: Seminars and trainings at subsidized rates that expose them to emerging trends in the profession
  3. Advocacy: Lobbying for matters of concern to members with various authorities.
  4. Information: Regular updates through email shots, weekly news monitoring and   bi-weekly bulletin.
  5. Networking: Through various forums such as Chapter Meetings, training and seminars.
  6. Credibility: Individual members and their firms viewed as professional and credible.
  7. Public Trust: Professional Trusted by the based on their training and certification.
  8. Job opportunities: various state and private agencies wishing to recruit professionals in the land sector contact ISK to assist in identification of those qualified.
  9. ISK SACCO: Opportunity to accommodate savings and access credit for members and their staff.
  10. Resource Centre: Access to the ISK resource centre both online and physical at the Secretariat.
  11. Professional Publications: Opportunity to receive and contribute to Surveyor’s Journal and Land & Property Digest Magazine.
  12. Promotion: Avenues to promote products and services through publications as well as functions hosted by ISK.
  13. Research and Consultancy Panel: Opportunity to form part of ISK Research and Consultancy Panel.
  14. Discounted Rates: Access to discounted rates for products and services from a wide range of companies with arrangements with ISK


Notice is hereby given as per the provisions of article 22 (a) (ii) of ISK Constitution as read together with advisory on the conduct of virtual and hybrid general meeting by societies (vide Kenya Gazette Vol. CXXII-No.156 Gazette Notice No. 5998) that the 51st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya will be held virtually (log in details to be provided later) on Friday, 27th November, 2020 starting from 2.00 pm

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