Benefits of Joining ISK


  1. Recognized Professional Certification: Professional certification recognized by Government, Regulatory Boards, business community, employers, other professional organizations, local and international agencies.
  2. Continuous Professional Development: Seminars and trainings at subsidized rates that expose them to emerging trends in the profession
  3. Advocacy: Lobbying for matters of concern to members with various authorities.
  4. Information: Regular updates through email shots, weekly news monitoring and   bi-weekly bulletin.
  5. Networking: Through various forums such as Chapter Meetings, training and seminars.
  6. Credibility: Individual members and their firms viewed as professional and credible.
  7. Public Trust: Professional Trusted by the based on their training and certification.
  8. Job opportunities: various state and private agencies wishing to recruit professionals in the land sector contact ISK to assist in identification of those qualified.
  9. ISK SACCO: Opportunity to accommodate savings and access credit for members and their staff.
  10. Resource Centre: Access to the ISK resource centre both online and physical at the Secretariat.
  11. Professional Publications: Opportunity to receive and contribute to Surveyor’s Journal and Land & Property Digest Magazine.
  12. Promotion: Avenues to promote products and services through publications as well as functions hosted by ISK.
  13. Research and Consultancy Panel: Opportunity to form part of ISK Research and Consultancy Panel.
  14. Discounted Rates: Access to discounted rates for products and services from a wide range of companies with arrangements with ISK