Land Surveyors

Land Surveyors are experts in the collection, organization, presentation and delivery of spatial data for land information management services, mainly in title surveys and conveyancing.

From the wider surveying fraternity the Land Surveyors Chapter members have specialized expertise in the work and preparation of survey documentation for the registration of land and issuance of land titles in accordance and as regulated by the Land Act and Land registration Act.

Our members who are licensed surveyors, Associate surveyors and Approved Assistants are underpinning information provider of the land and property lifecycle offer services for the registration process, under the direction of the director of survey operate under the rules and regulations according to the Survey Act.

This wide-ranging service include New grant surveys, Subdivision, amalgamation, land adjudication, Wayleave survey, Easement Survey sectional property survey. The services include also due diligence in the property market.

Our ISK forum brings together Land Surveyors for professional development and self-regulation in order to raise and maintain the highest standard of service delivery. To learn more about this dynamic chapter you may contact the ISK secretariat.

Mr. Erastus Chege- Chairperson
Mr. Livingstone Asala- Secretary