ISK Holds International Tour in Malasyia, Singapore and Thailand

Over 30  ISK Members Tour Malaysia,Singapore and Thailand .

Over 30  ISK members from different chapters toured 3 countries  from 29th October to 8th November 2017.The members got an opportunity to visit Malaysia,Singapore and Thailand in the ten day tour spear headed by the Public relations and Editorial Committee Chair Leah Njuguna.During the tour,Members spend  3 days in each country.They where briefied on the political,economical ,social and technological aspects that make each country unique.


For Malaysia the members got to experience  different activities ranging from having a park with exotic animals,high tech roller coasters,variety of water games and other adrenaline driven games at the Sun Lagoon park which is a reclaimed land from a tin mining quarry.The members also visited key  real estate developers in charge of various projects in malaysia.   In a bid to understand the malaysia construction industry,the members also visited the Construction Research Institute of Malaysia offices ( CREAM).The institution is equipped with the latest testing facilities and machineries to conduct full scale Industrialised Building Systems  structures to support research and development on building materials.The institute further seeks to improve the lifes of the people by developing,promoting and  implementing sustainable construction systems and practices in Malaysia and beyond.

Being in Singapore also gave the members an opportunity to visit the Marina bay a vantage point where you can view the whole of Singapore.They also experienced the effective systems in terms of road network and infrastructure. An understanding on what drives the economy of this small country and  a visit to the museum on the future look of the city emphasised the importance of planning.Creative Architectural designs  on buidings and how they contribute to the country economy.The country is an highland surrounded by the sea and is considered the safest country in the world.The country counties to reclaim the sea to expand the growing infrastructure development.

Finalising the tour was Thailand in Bankong.The members experienced  the developed infrastructure with metro trains and sky trains and the over populated streets with hawkers selling variety of items.Despite this well developed infrastructure,the country experiences heavy traffic jams which is worse than what is experienced  here in Kenya. The naming of the streets in numericals assist in finding location of various places without an hustle .The Bankong city offers opportunity for affordable shopping.The country has capitalised on cultural dances and dinner cruises around the sea sorrounding the city as a way of making money from the tourist.

This being the second international tour to be held,ISK will continually seek ways of ensuring members get maximum learning  in all aspects in the planning for future international