ISK Holds Training On Application Of GIS & GPS In Surveying


The ISK Deputy Chair,Fred Oduor during the opening of the GIS & Gps training at the RCMRD.

The ceremony was officially opened by the Deputy Chairman Fred Oduor and Dr Hussein Farah,the Regional Centre for Mapping Resources and Development (RCMRD) Director. The ISK Deputy Chair said the Institution was working hard to keep abreast with recent developments in technology as one of its key components of the Continuous Professional Development programme.

“The Council aims at  ensuring that the members not only meet their CPD points requirements but they also get a chance to participate in trainings that add value to the daily operations and enhance their professional practice”,  Mr. Oduor said.
He encouraged the members to interact with other regional participants participating in other trainings at RCMRD Centre to expand their scope. On a different note, the RCMRD Director Dr Farah assured ISK of the continuous partnership and collaboration between the two Institutions welcoming the participants to the Mapping Centre.
The ISK Deputy Chair thanked the presenters and vendors for their participation through the presentations, demonstrations and interactions with participants as well as sponsorships for the event.
Without the companies displaying the modern surveying equipments, the training would not have been a success. We hope that in return fruitful discussions with the participants will take place, Mr Oduor said.