ISK Holds a Press Conference on Property Acquisition At The Judiciary


ISK held a Press conferene on 29th October 2013  On the property acquisition at the Judicary Service Commission.The conference comes after two months of which the public has witnessed public exchange between two arms  on the process of property acqusition and the values at which the properties were acquired

ISK Chairman Collins Kowuor  and ISK Council Officials stressed  the institutions concern regarding the value of the transactions especially the rents payable and the price paid for the properties.

Kowuor reitariated that the property acquisition was a serious concern to the valuation surveyors and building suveyors who are part of the institution.

The institution will form a committee of four from the two discplines to find out fundamental components of the transcations,The committe will commence work within this week and findings will be reported within two weeks and the finding as shared with the members of the public

The commitee seeks to find out who carried out the valuations,rental assessments,were they licensed ,When did they carry out valuations,what values and rents did they return and were they within the market rate,Other quiries will be wether the building was suitable for purpose for which it was being acquired,verification of ownership and the terms and conditions for the lease.

Kuwour called on  other institutions and persons to share useful information to help bring light on the matter to the public.