ISK Holds Training on Current Measuring Technologies in Surveying & Mapping at RCMRD June 2018

      ISK Land Surveyors Chapter Members  who are attending  surveying and mapping training at RCMRD group photo;25 June 2018.

ISK in Partnership with Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) is holding a one week training at the Center.The Course is structured to meet several objectives which include Understanding the coordinate systems in Kenya, Grasp the components , specifications  and applications of  a Global Navigation  Satellite  Systems(GNSS) and Continuously Observing Reference Stations (CORS),Understand and describe  the components, specifications  and applications of  other  modern measuring  tools including Total stations, Digital levels, distant laser meters, rotating lasers,Outline the sources and processing  of  stereo images for  production of DTM/DEM including drone technology and GNSS practice  and use of  available CORS in Kenya among others.The course is targeted to all land surveyors.