ISK Holds a land clinic in Yatta Constitutency

To enhance information on land matters and sensitise to the public ton the need to use licensed and registered surveyors, ISK held a one day clinic in Yatta Constitutency Kisiiki location.


Ronald Matende LAM chapter representative explains more about the process of succession to the Yatta residents

The  Clinic  discussed various topics that included succession, Rights and obligations to land ,Land conflict and dispute management. Alot of queries arose regarding the process of succession. The committee noted the lack of information regarding succession which has being a common scenario in the 8 land clinics previously done.

The participants were also empowered with information on how adding value to their land to get maximum returns.Some of the activities highlighted included planting more trees,fencing the parcel,Keeping a herd of cattle and leasing land for continous activities which ensures the land is utilized.

ISK land surveyors clinic Team take a picture with Yatta grassroots committe after land clinic on 21st March 2018

A grassroots committee was also formed to maintain a link and enhance constant engagement  between the community and the institution regarding land matters that require professional advise.

Sponsors for this land clinic included GeoSurv  Zamo Com K Ltd and Arch Surveys

We thank all the members firms that contributed to the success of the event.