ISK Holds Pre Agm Conference On Enabling Legal Framework for the Surveying Profession


The conference was well attended with over 200 hundred members present to learn about the evolving trends in the surveying industry.The seminar coverage included sessions on the way forward on land reforms and tackling operational challenges on the Land Laws.Other presentations focused on the impact of the standard Gauge railways and Lapsset projects on the Kenyan economy and the role of surveyors.

Members also had an opportunity get insights that affect their relevant chapters.The Building Surveyors, Geospatial Information Management Surveyors and Land Surveyors Chapter  presentetation on Implementing Geo referencing requirements as per Land registration Act 2012 was presented by Cesare Mbaria  the Director of  Survey ,Ministry of Land ,Housing & Urban Development while  Professor Paul Syagga presented on the proposed ISK  Handbook on Building Surveying,Estate Agency ,Land Administration ,Property Management and Valuation.