2021 Elections

Notification of ISK Elections 2021

The provisions of Article 16(d) of ISK Constitution provides inter-alia that “All the officials of the Institution shall serve a term of two (2) years and be eligible for re-election, but shall not serve for more than two (2) terms in the same position.” It is therefore notified for general information that the election for chapter officials and the members of the Council of Institution of Surveyors of Kenya will be conducted this year.

The positions to be filled are as per the table below:-

No Office Date of Election Venue Nomination Deadline
1 President 30.07.21 Virtual 02.07.21
2 Deputy President 30.07.21 Virtual 02.07.21
3 Chairman – Professional Practice& Ethics Committee 30.07.21 Virtual 02.07.21
4 Chairman – Education & Research Committee 30.07.21 Virtual 02.07.21
5 Chairman – Editorial &Public Relation Committee 30.07.21 Virtual 02.07.21
6 Chairman – Finance and Audit Committee 30.07.21 Virtual 02.07.21
7 Chairman – Human Resource Committee 30.07.21 Virtual 02.07.21
8 Chairman – Young Surveyors Committee 30.07.21 Virtual 02.07.21
9 Building Surveyors Chapter 05.07.21 Virtual 28.06.21
10 Land Administration Managers Chapter 05.07.21 Virtual 28.06.21
11 Land Surveyors Chapter 06.07.21 Virtual 28.06.21
12 Geospatial Information Management Chapter 06.07.21 Virtual 28.06.21
13 Engineering Surveyors Chapter 06.07.21 Virtual 28.06.21
14 Valuation Chapter 07.07.21 Virtual 28.06.21
15 Estate Agency Chapter 07.07.21 Virtual 28.06.21
16 Property Management Chapter 07.07.21 Virtual 28.06.21
17 South Rift Branch 12.07.21 Virtual 28.06.21
18 Western Branch 12.07.21 Virtual 28.06.21
19 **Coast Branch Done 28.02.20

Note important dates:

No Description Timeline
1 Date of nomination for all offices As shown above
2 IEC notification for Council Chapter and Branch Elections 16.06.21
3 IEC to scrutinize nominations for various Chapter& Branch positions 30.06.21
4 IEC to scrutinize nominations for various Council positions 09.07.21
5 IEC to remedy on double nominations 14.07.21
6 Notification to Membership on the Valid and invalid nominations 19.07.21

Nominations timelines: All eligible members wishing to vie for any elective position during the meeting should fill a nomination form and submit it to Independent Electoral Committee (IEC) through the Chief Executive Officer at rose.mwaura@isk.or.ke at the Secretariat by 5.00 pm on the date indicated on the table. Please download the Nomination forms and details of elective positions below.

Eligibility to Nominate and Vote: Members should take note that only those who are in good standing with the Institution will be eligible to be nominated, nominate and vote during the elections.

Signed by;

Vincent Kiptoo,

Chairperson, Independent Electoral Committee (IEC) |Date: 16th June, 2021