The Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK) is a professional Organization bringing together the “landed” professionals. The members are within eight major disciplines of the surveying profession namely; the Valuation Surveying, Property Management, Real Estate Agency, Land Surveying. Building Surveying. Land Administration Managers, Engineering Surveying and Geospatial Information Management Surveying. The Institution is inviting applications from highly competent dynamic, self-driven and results oriented Consultants for a Job Evaluation exercise.
1.1        Scope

The Job Evaluation (JE) scope is as follows;

  1. Perusal of the Strategic Plan to appreciate the context.
  2. Review job descriptions (JDs) for managerial and supervisory positions.
  3. Interview staff to establish whether the JDs adequately and correctly describe the positions held and the work done.
  4. Identify any skills gaps in the current holders of the various positions and recommend appropriate actions including but not limited to job enrichment.
  5. Restructure the job descriptions, including position titles, as necessary.
  6. Align job positions to ISK’s strategic directions and organizations goals.
  7. Review the organizational structure of ISK to ensure that it effectively delivers the strategy.
  8. Carry out a salary benchmarking process against other organizations with a similar model and variables within the BMO industry.

1.2        Deliverables
The deliverables of the assignment are as follows;

  1. Conduct job analysis for purpose of job evaluation
  2. Design the Job evaluation factors based on factors that are considered most valuable in performance of jobs in the organization.
  3. To carry out a job evaluation for the number of jobs
  4. Organize/restructure organogram (If necessary) and functions to re-align them to Institution’s strategy.
  5. Revise the existing Staff Establishment and align it with the Institution’s strategy
  6. Determine appropriate pay or salary scales/Grades to achieve pay equity between jobs.
  7. Create job groups & worth as per industry practice, matching proposed salary structure to the proposed job levels.

Consultancy application procedure;

Interested and qualified Consultant should log onto the ISK website on  for detailed requirements, qualifications and instructions on how to submit their Job application.

At least 3 references with contacts or email address of referees, copies of similar assignments (with evidence for good completion of the assignments); Financial offer detailing various costs associated with the delivery of all the deliverables, Proposals must be in PDF format and must be a separate document from the technical offer; Minimum 3 certificates of similar work done in the past; Company profile; VAT registration certificate; KRA tax clearance certificate to:  on or before 30th November, 2022.