Abraham Samoei Re-elected as the President of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya

Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK) has elected Abraham Samoei as the President in the hotly contested polls on Friday.

Valuer Abraham Samoei won the election with over 400 votes against his competitor who got about 150 votes. He was declared winner at Kempiski Villa Rosa, Nairobi, where the tallying was conducted for the whole day. Eligible voters cast their votes through a fool proof system that has been hailed as very efficient and verifiable.

“I am glad to have won. I thank my supporters and those who did not support my bid too. It was not an easy victory since my opponents had mounted a strong campaign. We used all techniques to win but now it is time to work. Let us leave all the techniques we used at the campaign and join in hands to work for our people,” said the ISK President. He urged members to embark to work and winners should not celebrate for too long.

The Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK) is a land sector professionals’ organization made up of Valuers, Land Surveyors, Geomatic Engineers, Registered Estate Agents, Property Managers, Building Surveyors, Land Administration Managers and Facilities Managers. Current membership stands at over 4000 spread throughout the Country.

The election went on smoothly and within two hours the free fair and transparent poll was over, and each member was able to log into their account and vote. Each Institute member was able to vote and watch over their vote.

Only those members who are in good standing with the Institution were eligible to be nominated, nominate and vote during the elections. To qualify, as a full member, a candidate must have been a Graduate Member for at least two years and hold a post-graduate Diploma from the Institution or any other relevant qualifications recognized by the Institution.

There was about 70% outcome, the highest in the ISK history. Mr Abraham in his victory speech offered to share the lesson to other institutes on how they managed to offer a mechanism for members to choose their leaders.

“Our main interest is to enhance professional interests. Through an electoral process, members can choose the officials they believe can help to transform their interests. Over 75% voter endorsement is great against my opponents 25%,” he said.

Being leaders of the professional body, Mr Abraham promised to assist members to participate in the national development, provide professional advice and growth of the country.

More importantly, the President expressed optimism and gratitude to members showing confidence in him to steer the ISK to greater heights in the next two years.

The other categories of leaders elected were chairpersons of the; Professional Practice and Ethics Committee, The Education Foundation and Research Committee, The Editorial and Public Relations Committee, The Finance and Audit Committee, The Human Resource Committee, Finally The Young Surveyors Committee.