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Chairman’s Message

chairmanisk2016-11I salute you all the esteemed members of our great Institution.Each one of you contributes to the success of our Institution.I believe in the strength of diversity.A diverse society progresses more and faster than a homogenous one. For this reason, we should thank God that we belong to ISK. At ISK, I can testify, your dreams are valid.

In view of the above,I would like to thank you all for giving me a chance to serve you as your chairman. I do not take it for granted and promise to work tirelessly to ensure that we all succeed.

Further to this I congratulate our members who were elected during our last AGM, to serve on the council in various capacities. Please let us serve our members beyond their expectations.

During the campaigns, I gave my five point plan for our members. I pledged to Enhance Professional Integrity, Reclaim our National Influence, Expand our opportunities, Promote our Professional Growth and Reinforce Inclusivity. This aspects are precise, clear and measurable. I promise to deliver on them.

We have hit the ground running. We have constituted two task force committees, one to look at valuation challenges related to financial institutions and the other to review the valuers Act, Cap 532. We are also actively participating in the amendmend of the Estate Agents Act, Cap 533.

The council is lobbying the relevant government authorities to finalize enactment of the ISK statute, LAMS bill, review of the Survey Act 2015, the building surveyors Act 2011 and the land laws (amendment) bill, 2015.

We are also organizing an international conference to bring together the practitioners from all over the world to discuss the contemporary practice of real estate and surveying.

Members, to succeed in all these, we need your full support and participation.

Thank You.

May God bless you all and our Great Nation Kenya.

Stephen Ambani

ISK National  Chairman 




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