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CEO’s Message

moses1On behalf of the ISK secretariat, I take this opportunity to welcome you all to our revamped website. The objective of redesigning this website is to improve on its content and make it user- friendly in tandem with the changing technological trends. Besides, the new website is more interactive than ever, giving members, partners and the general public an opportunity to share their views real time on the pertinent issues affecting the industry.

As the Institution continues to attract more membership, we are obliged to offer up-to-date information to the various stakeholders on a need to know basis. To start with, we shall promptly respond to queries sent to us by those who visit our website.

With this revamped website, we envisage greater participation of the members. Indeed, the revamping of this website couldn’t have come at a better time. As the Land Reforms in the country continue to take shape, it is our desire to offer knowledge empowerment to our members, partners and the general public so that they can make informed choices during this important period in our country’s history.
To help us improve on the content on our website, we welcome your suggestions on what kind of news you want to be featured most. Please feel free to post your comments on our Facebook page and do not hesitate to follow us on Twitter.
Many thanks for your continued support.

Moses Kiambuthi
Chief Executive Officer

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